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Who We Are

Walk a mile in your shoes? How about run a marathon in them? We’re property owners, developers, contractors, managers, people persons, dealmakers, number crunchers, and real estate nerds. Mostly, we’re fanatical about getting things done, and done right.

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Align Your Goals

We connect the dots. Whether building real estate strategies, connecting individual objectives, or navigating family dynamics, we care about what success looks like to you and how your existing portfolio can get you there. We serve in the exact capacity needed to help you succeed, with vast experience, deep expertise, and unwavering integrity.

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Build A Legacy

We build on what you’ve started. Whether it’s finance, accounting, development, brokerage oversight, appraisal, construction, property management, cost reduction strategies, we bring it all to the table. With more than $1 billion in transactional experience involving virtually every type of property, we understand the role your real estate portfolio plays within your overarching wealth management strategy.

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It's More Than a Portfolio

Soup to nuts, we do it all: support founders, educate successors, and unify stakeholders. It is possible to create a multi-generational legacy plan the entire family will embrace and uphold. We'll ensure your successors have the knowledge and support they need to maintain your legacy.

Fortis Legacy Partners can provide any combination of:

  • Portfolio Management

  • Asset Management

  • Property Management Selection and Oversight

  • Real Estate Development

  • Construction Management

  • Brokerage Selection and Oversight

  • Advisory Services

  • Third Party Fiduciary Support

  • Stakeholder Education

Above all, we take your trust personally. We know the grit and determination it takes to succeed in real estate, and consider it a privilege and a responsibility to honor your hard-earned success.