Case Studies


The Smiths

G1 owners sought to establish a legacy with their personal real estate portfolio. They wanted to leave their liquid investments to G2 upon death, but keep the real estate available as a legacy for the existing grandchildren and future generations. We worked with the family, an estate attorney, a CPA, appraisers, family business consultants and financial planners to design, fund and implement the plan. We were hired to manage the process, and now manage the business operations. The family office had multiple asset classes in multiple states. We work with the Board and family to set clearly defined goals for both the portfolio and the legacy they want to leave.

In a five-year span, we put a Board of Directors in place (made up of both the family and outside advisors), completed asset evaluations for each property (with both short-term and long-term strategies), established an estate wealth transition plan (including long-term and immediate tax strategies), and created cash flow and financial modeling to implement the Board’s goals, governance around business management practices, document control protocols, communication SOPs, family education, budgets and measurable monthly key performance indicators.

Currently, the portfolio includes eight properties valued at approximately $50M with 150,000 s.f. of medical office space, 700 units of self-storage, and 133 units of multi-family property in two states.


The Jacksons

G1 owners came into money due to the death of a family member. The owner decided to invest in real estate and, over the years, built a large real estate portfolio. We were brought into the process during the growth stage to advise and assist property acquisitions and improvements.  We worked on the financial analysis, cash flow modeling, financing and construction management for each new asset. We assisted the owner to actively manage the properties until they decided they wanted out of the day to day operations. This owner has no children, so the business model is built around cash flow and protection. We are responsible for the growth, maintenance and protection of the assets on a day to day basis so the owner can travel. We built a business plan, cap-ex plan, reinvestment plan, SOPs, document control and run overall operations of properties.

Currently, the portfolio includes 7 multi-family buildings made up of 100 doors, and three vacation homes rented as VRBO, collectively worth approximately $40M.


The Watsons

G3 owners built significant value on vacant land that his father and grandfather passed down. Over the years, he sold, purchased, exchanged, built out and leased hundreds of acres in the U.S. and in Mexico. There are numerous classes of rental properties, including marina, multi-family, retail, mixed use, commercial, residential and vacant land. G3 is now ready to pass the business to G4, two siblings. Both are in the family business but have different skill sets. We are working with both G3 and G4 to design and implement a transition allowing the legacy of the family to continue to the next generations. This requires both a vision for the portfolio itself and an evaluation of the current assets inside the portfolio, as well as a plan for the transition from active management by G3 to becoming coach, mentor and teacher to G4. We built a strategic plan, a 1-3-5-year investment plan, modeling to ensure the family continues to receive their required cash flow, reinvestment strategies with certain properties, document controls, communication protocol, tax strategy, and legal structures to achieve the objectives.

Currently, the portfolio includes 10 properties in two countries, totaling approximately $60M.


The Johnsons

G2 owners passed away without a legacy plan in place, leaving the real estate portfolio to G3-G5 with no structure or assistance. G3 had trained to operate the business and was doing a good job, but there was no vision, no plan, no expectations and no deliverables. We were brought in after family members wanted to have more say in the operations. We assisted in building governance SOPs and setting specific, measurable goals for the portfolio. We implemented budgets, established financial reporting, evaluated each holding and worked with the family to establish long-term goals and objectives for the portfolio.

The project was further complicated by poorly managed family real estate assets that were causing challenges in the family that poured over into the business properties. We assisted in setting policies around family use, the roles the family can have in the business and the distributions and expectations around future cash flow needs of the business. We focused on communication, honesty and openness while moving the family into a real estate business instead of owner-managed properties.

Currently, the portfolio includes 12 commercial properties worth approximately $20M.