Our Process


Paving a Path

Every family has a story – we want to understand yours. What are your values? Your challenges? Your objectives? The answers to these questions form the foundation of your legacy and the starting point of our work. With a firm grasp of the dynamics that drive your decisions, we work closely and transparently with you, your stakeholders, and your team of advisors to create and execute a strategy that brings you peace of mind.  

Your next steps are easy to understand and critical to get right.


Your current investment strategy, management roles and objectives help us identify your vision for your legacy. We analyze every aspect of your portfolio, including sales, operations, finance, business processes, and stakeholder needs and desires, to uncover how the minute details add up to the big picture. We combine our findings with proprietary research in an in-depth report outlining your legacy goals and desired outcomes.


We design a strategic plan to achieve your legacy by reviewing each asset individually and in aggregate. Then, we determine where attention is most needed, provide a list of short-term action items, and offer long-term insights.


As your portfolio management partners, we are constantly monitoring and reporting on your portfolio’s performance. We execute where needed, educate when desired, and manage the big picture with a focus on the details. We do the work you don’t want to do and collaborate with you and your advisors so you can manage in a more strategic way.